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Website Hosting & Email

Izbiz provides afforable reliable web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy. We've carefully selected a hosting partner who's servers are powered by green energy. with a guaranteed 99.9% Uptime.

For more sophisticated websites running platforms such as Magento that need more powerful servers, we have teamed up with a speciliast web hosting provider who knows everything and anything about Magento!

All quotations for new websites include web hosting and email hosting so that you can see exactly what you need to budget for.

Web Hosting Services Flintshire

Hosting Questions

Some of the most popular hosting related questions we're asked.

Every website on the internet is made up of files and images which are stored on a servers provided by hosting service companies. This is so that they can be viewed online. We upload the files onto our server and we point the web address (your chosen domain name) to those files. All of this technical stuff is handled by us.

Our hosting services are extremely competitive compared to the big well known hosting providers.

Our contracts run for one year and we'll contact you when the renewal is due.

Not all, we manage all of the technical stuff for you.

Not a problem, we'll just need you ask your current developer to provide us with some technical information so that we can take over the hosting account and domain name account. We can talk you through what's needed and why.

Domain Name Questions

Some of the most popular domain and email related questions we're asked.

A domain name is the web address where websites can be accessed, it's what people type when looking for your website. For example, our domain name is izbiz.co.uk.

Every website is hosted on a web server. Computers access these hosts using an IP address (a string of numbers like but that's not very memorable for us! A domain name converts an IP address to a more memorable, text-based version so that people don't need to punch in a huge string of numbers to find the websites they want.

You need a domain name for a website and/or an email account.

Don't worry, it can be quite daunting, we can purchase and manage this on your behalf. We'll talk you through all of your options.

We buy domains from one of the UK's biggest domain registrars so the prices are always competitive, we just add a small fee to cover administration costs but it doesn't break the bank.

Contracts run biennially. Some can be annual but we'd only recommend this if it's a new business or a one that's being wound down.

We'll contact you when the renewal is due.

Not a problem, we'll either need access to where the domain is registered in order to point it to our web servers (where your website is hosted), or we'll provide instructions on how you can do it.

As part of our service we create your new email addresses and, if required, we'll also help you set your accounts up on your pc, laptop or phone.

More Questions?

We've covered the most common questions above but if there is anything else you'd like to know please contact us and we'll be happy to explain our services.